Local Farmer's Market

As a real estate agent, I carry a sense of pride when selling homes in Orange County.  Helping others fulfill the American dream is one thing, but owning that home in Orange County puts homeownership on a whole new level (in my opinion).  Besides being absolutely beautiful with its gorgeous beaches, coastal hilltops and ideal weather, the cities within create wonderful communities to be a part of.

I love my weekends!  Although I work most weekends, there’s something about Saturdays and Sundays that makes me want to step away from my usual routine and be adventurous.  Sunday morning I visited the Laguna Niguel Farmer’s Market.  There was such an abundance of organic fruits, vegetables and other harvested products, one can’t help but begin to feel healthier just walking from one booth to another.  The fruit samples were amazing, fresh cut greenery and flowers beautiful, and there were plenty of raw honey options.  They even had organic goose eggs!

If you find yourself wanting to be adventurous and have never gone to your local farmer’s market, I highly encourage it!  Here’s a link to farmer’s markets in all of OC!