10 Steps to Selling a Home 

  1. Connect with me and share your needs as a seller. 
  2. Ask why you are selling and when you should sell based on the market value.
  3. Consider the cost of selling including commission, taxes, advertising and other fees. 
  4. Determine what your property is worth and be open to improvements to increase the appeal.
  5. Move forward with a Listing Agreement, which allows me to promote, market, and post your property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). 
  6. Step it up with curb appeal, repairs, staging, cleanliness, and an open house that turns heads.
  7. Negotiate offers on the table and prioritize pre-approved buyers. 
  8. Prepare for inspections and appraisals and work toward closing contingencies.
  9. Finalize paperwork and let me guide you through the fine print.
  10. Celebrate the sale and let’s start searching for your new home.